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Swift River Roaster is the newest venture by The Good Life Market to produce top quality coffee with the same attention to quality, detail and customer service that our customers have become accustomed to. Freshly roasted, sourced from around the world, single origins and proprietal blends, bringing top quality coffee roasting to your backyard, rich, lush and balanced coffee, available by the cup, whole bean or ground, shipping available through our website.


Sunrise Blend (light)
Signature Roast (dark)
French Roast (very dark)
River Rocks Espresso
Moka Java

Single Origin Varietals
Brazil Cerrado
Ethiopian Harrar
Indian Monsooned Malabar
Java Estate
Kenya AA
Panama Boquete
Sumatra Mandheling

Water Processed Decaf
Sunrise Decaf (light)
Signature Decaf (dark)
River Rocks Espresso Decaf
Sumatra Decaf
Guatemala Decaf
Kenya Decaf