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A selection of our most popular sandwiches, sliced in half and arranged on a platter with a light garnish.  $7.50 per sandwich


For the following platters, the small platter serves 12-18 people, while the large serves 20-25.

Antipasto Platter − Marinated vegetables, olives, hot peppers, salami, fresh mozzarella, provolone cheese, sundried tomatoes, and artichoke hearts on a bed of lettuce.
Small: $43.00 Large: $55.00

Garden Vegetable Display − Beautifully displayed seasonal produce served with your choice of dips: Bleu Cheese, Creamy Red Pepper, Ranch or Fat Free Cucumber Dill.
Small: $35.00 Large: $49.00

Fruit Platter − Fresh seasonal fruits, sliced and arranged for ease of eating, served with sour cream dip.
Small: $35.00 Large: $49.00

Cheese and Crackers − Sliced and cubed cheeses, featuring Boar’s Head Brand Provisions, arranged for snacking with whole grain and butter crackers.
Small: $43.00 Large: $63.00

Cheese and Fruit − Wedges of aged cheddar, farmhouse blue, and creamy brie cheeses garnished with grapes and sliced fruits and served with sliced baguette.
Small: $53.00 Large: $76.00

Mediterranean Platter − Roasted garlic hummus, tabouli salad, stuffed grape leaves, roasted red pepper slices, chunks of feta cheese and Greek olives. Served with wedges of pita bread.
Small: $43.00 Large: $55.00